Browser Setup:

  • Choose A Suitable Browser

    Most browsers handle page-loads well for Modal-Surf. Google Chrome is most suitable since page reloads are practically instantaneous.

  • Allow Audio and Allow Java

    Some browsers require users to permit audio. Most users already have java enabled. Java is used in Modal-Surf for various functions including: auto-load sound; one-touch browser forward & back; copy & paste url.

  • Create a New User Profile Exclusive for Color-Guitar

    This is recommended since it will allow you to do the following: Set the browser to startup with the previous session intact; avoid clearing the cache so that revisited charts and sounds will load faster; remove unnecessary plugins / extensions.

  • Set Your Browser Zoom-Level: between 100% and 125%

    Zoom the browser in as far as possible without letting the drop-down menus fall out of their container.

  • Some Browser Extensions / Plug-Ins inhibit the Automatic Sound-Loading

    Some browser extensions / plug-ins may cause the auto-load of sound and other java functions not to work properly.

  • Make a Desktop Folder for Shortcuts and Song Files

    Songs created in Modal-Surf can be stored by copying the song's urls into a notepad file. Refer to the section 'Save / Load your Songs'.