Browser & Computer Setup:

  • Google Chrome is the Ideal Browser for Modal-Surf

    Many browsers handle page-loads well for Modal-Surf. Google Chrome is most suitable since page reloads are practically instantaneous. The fact that it utilizes more system resources creates an advantage here.

  • Set Your Browser Zoom-Level: between 100% and 125%

    Depending on your Screen Ratio, your Zoom-Level may not be optimal. Zoom the browser in as far as possible without letting the drop-down menus fall out of their container.

  • Create a Computer-User Profile Exclusive for Color-Guitar

    This is recommended since it will allow you to do the following: Set the browser to startup with the previous session intact; avoid clearing the cache so that revisited charts and sounds will load faster; avoid using Plugins / Extensions as these can inhibit performance; allow Java since it is used in Modal-Surf for various functions including: auto-load sound; one-touch browser forward & back; copy & paste url.

  • Enable Hybernation under Power-Options Settings

    If you avoid closing your Browser in your exclusive User Profile, and furthermore Hybernate rather than Sleep your computer, this User Profile should be able to keep your detailed projects intact once loaded or prior to saving to Notepad File.

  • Make a Desktop Folder for Your Song Files

    Songs created in Modal-Surf can be stored by copying the song's urls into a notepad file. Refer to the section 'Save / Load your Songs'.