Setup Browser for Automatic Audio Reload

The Modal Surf™ Tool assists in the composition of innovative progressions and melodies, by incorporating the Modal Harmony Map, powered by the Modary System™, along with Audio Accompaniment which follows the composer's own chord progression. After a progression is created, the chosen chords are then recalled using [Browser-Back] and [Browser-Forward]. Audio Reload has to be Enabled as described below. Custom Shortcut Keys can also be added to your setup to allow one-touch changing of chords.

Chrome is the preferred browser for having Rapid Audio Reload; the other browsers experience some delay:


Microsoft Edge: Automatic restore of muted pages. Chord changes with one-touch via AutoHotkey file.


Mozilla Firefox: Audio mute and one-touch chord changes accomplished via Custom Shortkey addon.


Google Chrome: Automatic restore of muted pages. Rapid audio reload. One-touch chord changes via Keyboard Control extension or AutoHotkey file.


Top-Right Menu > Settings > Cookies & Site Permissions > Media Autoplay > Allow


Top-Right Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Autoplay Settings > Allow Audio & Video


Top-Right Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security > (continue as detailed below):

Note* that these settings apply to Google Chrome and also include Chromebook. Please ensure that the url is typed exactly as shown in the box at the end of these instructions.

Under Site Settings you will find Additional Content Settings at the very bottom:

After opening the Sound Setting you will need to add the url exactly as shown:

You can close the Settings Window/Tab and the settings are automatically saved.