Zach Pendulum

The map of music harmony that I have charted, has been obtained through a very detailed and lengthy process. Throughout the search, I've composed five record albums for CD, some with collaboration from expert musicians who I am pleased to say are my good friends.

As a student of drums, piano, guitar, and saxophone at age ten, I began performing in music groups as a vocalist and instrumentalist, including some of my own songs amidst pop-rock cover songs. Continuing study of harmony theory, I began creating this new approach to learning music by ear, which relates the scales of musical harmony to a spectrum of colors.

After years of development, this system is useful in all levels of harmony study: a subject essential to composition and improvisation. It applies to all melodic instruments. It brings musical color to the boring sounds of today.

In search of [ A Map of Music Harmony ] our company conducted 20 years of systematic experimentation and research involving a physical-science and perception-based approach, providing agility in all styles of music.

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