Saving and Loading Your Progressions

1. When Signing In, check the box for 'Stay On', so the Session ID that is added to the URLs will stay the same and you can usually reload an idea from your browser history if needed. Note* The Session ID changes if you access your membership on another device or clear your cookies. So ideas are best saved as described below.

2. When copying URLs for storage to a Notepad Document, the Session ID (everything after .php) should be deleted, so the URLs are ready to load into later sessions regardless of a new Session ID. Press [c] to copy the URL; then manually paste into Notepad; then delete the Session ID. Or use the automated method described below.

3. Our custom AutoHotkey setup allows the URLs to be automatically trimmed, copied, and pasted into a notepad document you have open though minimized. The process is to copy the urls of the song in the correct sequence into the document leaving a space between each event. Likewise, the progression can be manually or automatically loaded by pasting the events into the browser in succession.

The space between each is to make it easier to read: { N01 = C, N02 = C#, N03 = D, ..... , N12 = B }. The spectrum-based name for the mode is found before 'xstart.php'. Most songs are made entirely with the Main Spectrum in which the chords are easily identified: Maj { 1R 2O 3Y } or Min { 4G 5B 6I 7V }.

4. In addition to staying logged in and frequently storing your progressions, you can set your browser to Continue Where You Left Off on Startup. It is more likely to recall your full progressions if you also turn off Memory Saver under Performance.

5. The best way to keep your current songs active prior to saving them, is to create a User Profile to use only with Modal-Surf. Then don't close the browser at all. You can go to other profiles for other activities. Furthermore, choose Hybernate rather than Sleep. You may need to enable hybernation in your computer's power-options settings. Doing all this, your progress should stay completely intact. *Important ideas should always be saved to a Notepad File just in case.