Tips for Efficient Modal Surfing

1. When Signing In, check the box for 'stay logged in'. Each time you have to sign in again, a new url suffix is generated and it's different than the one you had before. This selection will allow you to recall a progression using your browser's history. Eventually you would want to save your song's list of urls to a notepad document (on your desktop).

2. Along with your process of creating a song, make an objective of saving your progression to a notepad document. The process is to copy the urls of the song in the correct sequence into the document using copy and paste. The encrypted url suffix (everything after .php) should be deleted so the urls can be used in later sessions.

3. One-Touch keyboard shortcuts including [shortened url copy] are provided using AutoHotKey for Windows users. Our HotKey Setup has one-touch functions specific for our composition tool. Those who only need basic one-touch navigation can utilize the browser extensions mentioned on the Browser Autoplay Settings page.

4. Chrome users can utilize the 'Url Loader' extension. The progressions you have saved to notepad can be copied in their entirety from notepad into the url loader, and quickly restored to the browser in sequence.

5. For Composers: A guide for utilizing Modal Surf's several features is contained in the main menu of the Modal Surf pages. There, as well as in the System Videos, you will see an explanation of how to use the Modulation Tool that is based on the Modal Harmony Map. The tool opens the many doorways of modulation, allowing us to create songs that sound perfectly harmonious while expanding the norm; also justifying additional notes.

6. For Simple Practice: When you're not in the mood to create songs and would rather just jam, you can select 'Jam to YouTube' in the main menu. There you will find charts that follow various tracks that already contain chord progressions. *This part of the site is coming soon and not yet available.