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Perform and Compose Great Sounding Guitar

In these colored guitar charts, the 7 Modal Scales of a key are each assigned a color
at their bass note, forming a Spectrum as the Modes relate through the Circle of 5ths,
and these 7 Scales are interwoven upon a singular guitar chart for each key signature.

These charts bring enjoyment to guitar practice: no missed notes, quickly learning scales.
This allows you to spend more focus on developing Speed, Fluidity, Precision, and Style,
while gaining Experience through thrilling exploration of harmony and all it is capable of.

Access to 576 spectrum charts, 78 fingering charts, and charts for 45 jam-along tracks.
Use drop-down menus in Modal-Surf™ to define charts for the songs you like or create!
  This new website is offering Free Access until the end of October, 2022

The Color-Guitar charts use a single pattern that moves to match the Key-Signature.
Each color specifies the Mode and Mood we will create when such note is our Bass-Note.

When the emanating Mode is explored with the Melody, the colors also assist recognition of 
particular harmonizations, and improvisation can easily consist of offset modal hand patterns.

Try the sample Jam to Songs page to see how easy guitar playing can be!


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Improvisation Using the Modal-Surf Tool

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Color-Guitar Harmonic Exploration


Jam to Songs & Tracks

The songs chosen have room for constant lead guitar improvisation. Easily get in hours of technique & speed enhancement... while gaining mastery over the uses of harmony in composition and improvisation.


Create Charts for Songs

Harmony contains a vast ocean of possibilities. You will be able to guess the mood-color you hear or imagine being projected from any particular bass note, then find it in drop-down menus of the Modal-Surf Tool.

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