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Perform and Compose Great Sounding Guitar

The Modal-Surf™ tool from Color-Guitar.Com enhances guitar practice by keeping notes "in key" including extended 8-note scales and including key changes within a song. It helps musicians choose notes and chords from which to make innovative solos, melodies and chord-progressions, in improvisation and composition.
Members have access to 1837 Color Guitar Charts, and the Exclusive Modulation Tool.

Click the Guitar to try a sample progression. The colors represent the Modes that are built upon them.


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Supply Your Jam Tracks

Contribute jam tracks to our styles list, in recognition of your production or your studio. Use the Contact Form first. Generally, we need Maj & Min triad notes only, with drums, bass, and synth or rhythm guitar chord accompaniment. Provide wav-quality recording of four or eight measures that we can loop for all 12 notes on maj and all 12 notes on min. We would like to keep our collection of styles tuned at A=440 when possible.


Recommend a Tutorial Video

Another great way to participate is to share a video of either yourself using the system to make a song, or to share a link to an educational video that helps a guitarist develop at any aspect of playing. For example: As for myself, Zach Pendulum, I have yet to understand the equipment and tips for developing speed at alternate-picking. Use the Contact Form and we will find a place to post all suggestions about guitar here online.

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