Color-Guitar Hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) Setup

Basic one-touch shortcut Hotkeys are already active in Modal-Surf as you should have Java-Script enabled. These include the following: Browser Back & Forward, Mute & Play Chord, and Repeat a certain amount of chords (up to 12) or back to the beginning of your whole Loop, which can be much longer than 12 chords. Our Advanced Hotkeys are made possible by the free software AutoHotkey for Windows, enabling additional one-touch controls for Saving and Loading Songs. Reference the complete hotkey layout under 'Guide' while Modal-Surfing as basic & advanced features are indicated. Set up advanced hotkeys by following the detailed steps below:


Modal-Surf Hotkey Layout

Step #1:

Install AutoHotKey for Windows

Step #2:

You can Unpin icon from Taksbar

Step #3:

Right-Click Desktop > New > AutoHotKey Script


Step #5:

Copy the following Text and Paste it into the AutoHotkey
file, overwriting the existing text since the same text is
provided here simplified. Close the Notepad and Save.

Step #4:

Right-Click the Hotkey Icon > Open With Notepad


Step #6:

Right-Click the Hotkey Icon > Run Script


This Feature is Not Yet Available

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