Creating Scales with More Than Seven Notes

At the onset of this research, we were looking for a 'Map of Music Harmony'. This system was found to involve precisely 17 Spectrums and their 119 Modes. The underlying spatial relationship allowed for such a map of harmony to be obtained. The map shows the pathways of key-change (modulation); it also shows the ability to combine modes to create scales containing more than 7 notes, such as in the Flamenco Scale, which contains 8 notes by blending two modes:

Present Modary Name:


Estimated Name:

Traditional Name:

Main Indigo


Phrygian Mode

Phrygian Scale

North Blue


Phrygian #3 Mode

Phrygian Dominant Sc.




Flamenco Scale

An excerpt from the Map of Harmony shows the two modes which make up the Flamenco Scale, coming together at 100%, precisely at Indigo: one of the map's 12 positions.

Creating the Flamenco Scale

The results of the system are projected to the musician on their instrument of choice. The blended modes are accounted for by the use of gray notes. A guitarist can play along with the E Flamenco Scale below, set to their own rhythm, while following the graph.

Complete Flamenco Scale

Try Modal Surf™ on the Flamenco Scale